White and red: purity and temptation

For my first outfit post here in my blog, I wore this all white top to toe ensemble accented by red and gold details for where else but the newest White Party Manila Evolution held at the Metrotent, Metrowalk in Ortigas for the first time. Check the story at the Events Category entitled: My First Blog: White Party Manila Evolution. 


What I’m wearing: Polo shirt from (Folded and Hung), jeans and shoes all from (Bench)


A close up look at my accessories: necktie from (Armando Caruso); clear shades, ring, belt and stainless steel bracelet all from (SM Accessories) ; gold serpent accent, and lips pin from bazaars; red spiked bracelet from BU5 booth by(Lissa Kahayon).

Since an all white outfit would be a bit boring for my personality ( yeah ’cause I’m a color lover), I thought why not spice it up? White usually stands for purity or innocence, and a better and striking contrast ( aside from black of course) would be Red, which could mean raging passion, and guilty pleasures. And to complete my concept of injecting impurity to innocence ( or purity and temptation) is a golden serpent accessory which I twisted around my neck and tie which evokes seduction.


lounging in one of the sofas of the VIP area


check more photos of the White Party Manila Evolution at www.facebook.com/mentorqueproductions

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