One fine Swiss day in VIEUX CHALET


The Vieux Chalet entrance evokes a secret garden Swiss cottage atmosphere 🙂

Vieux Chalet ‘s entrance evokes a secret garden Swiss cottage feel 🙂

It was one sunday morning when one of my scheduled meetings got cancelled, I thought it would be a day to stay at home, until my friend called and asked if I’d like to try a restaurant which offers excellent Swiss fusion cuisine called Vieux Chalet owned by the Hassig family. All of a sudden the name rang like a bell, it was the same place I saw in a magazine some years ago! I once planned to go there but had forgotten all about it, so I thought now’s the opportunity.
It is located in Sitio Sampaguita, a few kilometers from Antipolo City proper. The drive was short but the road is a bit winding and steep, and interestingly looked like a faraway province with trees everywhere. The place is quite unassuming and if not for a sign post we would have thought it was just another country cottage.


Photos clockwise from top: The winding road to Vieux Chalet ; signpost amidst greeneries; a charming menu cover.  

Its name sounded intimidating and too classy,but once you entered and felt the cozy old house atmosphere, and greeted by the smiles of their friendly and hospitable staff headed by Rico , you would immediately feel at home and comfy.



A homey ambience with breathtaking views in Vieux Chalet

We got there before 5pm , but we actually arrived early because we are the only guests during that hour. Since it was a sunny day, the table that was reserved for us beside the large open windows would be a bit hot( though I could feel the breeze from outside),so we were nicely transferred to a larger table on a slightly elevated floor. Well, I guess that was a good thing since we got a very wide, unobstructed, and generous view of the whole interior and the overlooking view outside the wide windows where one could see hills, and the vast cities from a great distance, hence the name Vieux Chalet ( View Cottage) .I could hardly contain myself from exclaiming wow!!!!!


With my very good friend make-up artist Maws Francisco-Diaz , here’s our table with a majestic view! And I soooo love the crystal beaded candle holder too lols!. 🙂 


Bric a bracs, artworks, and other curios makes the quaint place an eye candy. 

The homey Swiss inspired restaurant is actually a decades old concrete & wood cottage ( about 28 years old) which is part of a compound situated in a hillside owned by the Hassig family. The dining area is fairly small with about 10 tables at the most, which makes it more delightfully intimate.Decors are reminiscent of cheerful provincial ancestral homes, which reminded me of my childhood. After a lot of pictorials, we decided to place our orders, and savored each delectable food while familiar timeless and soothing music is played in the background.

Here are some photos of Vieux Chalet ‘s home-cooked goodness that we tried 🙂


Garden Fresh Mixed Vegetable Salad
Organic lettuce, tomatoes,cucumber, carrots, apple, and corn with homemade Ricotta cheese and special herbed vinaigrette (165.00php)

Ricotta-Spinach Ravioli in Al Panna Sauce with Truffle Oil
Homemade Raviolli stuffed with homemade ricotta cheese and spinach topped with a rich creamy sauce and truffle oil, organic arugula and riasted pine nuts. (320.00php)

Pizza Napoli
Mushroom, Fresh Tomatoes,garlic,cheese,oregano,organic basil (395-495php) 


What’s a Swiss experience without trying their Swiss chocolate milk shake topped with shaved chocolate, my fave since I’m such a milkshake lover, yum!.  🙂  
Aside from the restaurant, they also offer a bed and breakfast package where one could stay in their St.Moritz cottage with inclusions like dinner or breakfast, swimming pool w/ Cabana, jacuzzi, and steam room for 6,000pesos a night. There is also a Spa included for day packages (for more infos visit Vieux Chalet ‘s site ) . Immediately beneath the dining area is a cute souvenir shop where items like imported scented soaps, silver starfish figurines, and large paintings by Mr.Hassig are on sale.


Enjoying the view and serenity of the place. 


Rainbow brite?!Oh its my friend MUA  Maws Francisco-Diaz blending with these colorful decorative pieces haha!.  🙂


Yodoleyodoleheehoo!!.. One of their friendly staff looking like an Alpine boy is amusingly cute in his Lederhosen  (  🙂


From top: the Vieux Chalet spa, and jacuzzi 


Souvenir shop 


The overall experience was quite wonderful, I definitely could say I had a one fine Swiss day! Next time I would try breakfast and dinner. Breakfast in the chalet would be enjoyable with the morning breeze, while dinners could have a romantic mood. Hmm calling all lovebirds out there to try it and have an exceptional date lols!. 🙂
It is advisable to get a reservation since the restaurant only has a limited seating capacity which gets full especially during dinners .


Thanks for the Swiss experience 🙂 

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*  added infos on Vieux Chalet  *

schedules: weekdays 9am – 10pm  / weekends 8am-10pm

contact numbers: 02-6970396, 0928-2888584

for maps, list of prices, packages & other information visit , facebook:

Additional story from the Vieux Chalet website:

 ” Vieux Chalet – your home “Swiss” home! 

In 1984 Mr. Tony S. Hassig and Mrs. Susan R. Hassig opened their home to people in search of an adventure not too faraway from their own homes. The dream was to put up something that offers an alternative lifestyle to those needing a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Our parents wanted to make a living out of doing something they both loved. All our lives, my parents were able to provide us with a cosy and warm home, fresh air to breathe, a stunning view to wake up to, thousands of sunsets to watch and ponder on, magical mornings with birds chirping to wake up to, animals to befriend and delicious and healthful meals to look forward to. We always had time (still do) for the activities we enjoyed doing and the things we were passionate about. May it be organic gardening, dabbling in Arts and Crafts, caring for our cattle and pets, hiking and other sports and hobbies, we always had time for each other and could still find peace and quiet if we needed it. This is what we have been sharing with our patrons since we first opened.

Through Vieux Chalet we were able to meet a lot of interesting people from different parts of the country. We were also able to learn the value of money and hard work. Our parents were very keen on us learning the ups and downs of the restaurant business as well as the concept of discipline, integrity, love for our country and people. 

Vieux Chalet and our parents have taught us so much and the journey of learning never ends.We believe that with a kind and genuine heart, a sincere passion for food and service, and a desire to learn constantly as well as educate our people, will help keep the dream going and the light burning.

This is the story of Vieux Chalet. This is the story of our life.

The Hassig Children

courtesy of:

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


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