Into the blue

For a day out of the big city and into a quaint hillside cottage for food exploration in Vieux Chalet in Antipolo, I thought of keeping my look casual with a hint of classic preppy varsity style.By the way it took me sometime to realize that I’ve worn almost everything in blue!. 🙂


Stylefile: Mirrored sunnies (Dickies) ,varsity jacket (Ego Jeans). shirt (BNY) ,jeans (Penshoppe) ,watch(Esprit) ,denim rucksack bag M-Sense by(SM Accessories) , bracelets(SM Accessories) ;all these from (SM Dept Store)  ,argyle socks(Uniqlo) , shoes(Nike).

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Feelin’ cool man! (Dickies) Blue mirrored or reflectorized, polarized sunnies makes a stylish way to protect from the glare on a sunny day. Available in (SM Dept Store)


Denim rucksack bag by M-Sense (SM Accessories). This bag alone exudes a vintage schoolboy feel. Assorted leather,metal, & rope bracelets (SM Accessories). These makes any outfit hip. 😉


Purple Marin Lucent watch (Esprit),is a cool prize from (SM Accessories)! ;Argyle printed red socks (Uniqlo) hints preppy vintage ;Royal blue “waffle”training shoes (Nike), very lightweight and ideal for long walks 🙂



Photos by Maws Francisco-Diaz


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