TWG Tea Salon & Boutique: tea time in fine style


Wood and gold is dominant all over the place which makes it both pleasant and luxurious. 

Definitely its not your usual tea shop in the malls where tea is ordered in the counter and served with tapioca pearls or jelly in sealed plastic canisters and a straw. Its more than that. Imagine classical music playing in the background, tea cups of fine china, courteous waiters pulling out the chairs and unfolding and placing the table napkins on your lap, and serving you a cup of tea from an 18 carat gold plated teapot, not to mention a myriad of the finest teas in the world to choose from! That’s the taste of a little luxury we had in TWG Tea Salon and Boutique which recently opened in Shangri-La Mall new east wing.


Fine things: a golden tea book which gives further information about TWG, and the different types of teas around the globe, delicate china tea sets, and an elegant teapot with 18 carat gold plated warmer which could be bought for 22,000 pesos in their boutique .  


Me and my friend “G” chose Jade Cascade Tea, a theine-free green tea blend. 

Encased in glass and gilt, the place exudes both elegance and warmth. Their menu was a delight most especially the hundreds of teas to choose from. I had a hard time picking out which one to order since the names of the teas are all interesting without even knowing how they tasted, imagine a tea called Sweet romance, or Crown Jewel haha! So I spent a few minutes asking the smiling ( and oh so patient)waitress to describe their flavors and blends. Aside from this, the food in their menu are all infused with their finest teas which gives a unique and exquisite taste.


What we ordered, Top photo: Aviator Salad~A grand classic with pan-seared chicken supreme,Romaine lettuce,garlic croutons,fresh parmesan shavings topped with a poached egg, and a touch of seaweed tossed in a light spiced sauce infused with Comptoir Des Indes Tea. Lower photo: Tea Lasagna in beef ragout in their signature homemade tomato and fresh basil sauce infused with Moroccan Mint Tea


Oh as if were not full yet! So we also tried their Mini Burgers~ miniature  hamburgers served with a delicate salad of mixed greens and marinated cherry  tomatoes topped with 1837 Green Tea infused vinaigrette  with 3 indulgent selections: mini Wagyu burger with homemade cocktail sauce, mini foie gras burger served with fresh apple chutney, mini spicy chicken burger with sauteed shallots. 


Dessert, my most awaited part since I’m a sweet tooth guy! Top photo: A tea infused Creme Brulee, and my fave TWG Tea Macarons: (brown)Napoleon Tea and caramel which I was told is their best seller, (pink)  Black tea and black currant, and (blue) Vanilla bourbon tea and Kaya. 

Such a fancy afternoon with decadent treats!


Aside from the variety of teas, aromatic cuisine, and lovely ambience, my friend also fell in love with their floor, which she wanted to copy for future renovations in her home, lols!. 🙂    


Hundreds of tea varieties with captivating aromas are available in their boutique in small or large tarnish free canisters, perfect as a gift or collection.They also have an Haute Couture Tea Collection, a line of exquisite tea blends exclusive only in TWG Tea Salon and Boutique.


Lavishly beautiful: An exquisite and enchanting collection of Tea accessories are also available in their Boutique which includes hand-blown glass, fine crystal, cast iron and stoneware, porcelain, and fine bone china tea sets in intricate details. Rare and precious elements are also incorporated like silver, gold, and platinum.

“La vie douce!”  


Sweet indulgence: Their patisserie is so tempting! How could I ever leave this place without even buying some of their tea infused macarons? As I’ve mentioned, macarons are also my favorite, so I bought some for my midnight snack ritual haha! ..:) 


TWG Tea Salon and Boutique ~ just a taste of some of the finer things in life, which you would definitely enjoy!

TWG Tea Story: ( an excerpt from

TWG was established in Singapore in celebration of the island’s great history as a trading post for teas, spices and fine epicurean products. TWG Tea, which stands for The Wellness Group, is a luxury concept that incorporates an international distribution network to professionals, unique and original retail outlets and exquisite tea rooms. A veritable tea institution, TWG Tea is passionate about sharing their expertise and has become a point of reference for tea lovers thirsty for knowledge.

TWG Tea tasters travel thousands of miles across the globe every year, sampling hundreds of teas in search of the most desirable harvests direct from source gardens. Offering over 800 single estate fine harvest teas and exclusive blends, as well as tea patisseries and other tea infused delicacies, TWG Tea is internationally recognized as a veritable innovator with the creation every season of new varieties of tea in collaboration with the world’s most renowned estates.

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