Fashion Institute of the Philippines: A 10th year extravaganza

I can’t help but be fixated in awe as I admire the creations worn by models sashaying the runway made by 37 new breed of young fashion designers.These talented individuals were the creme de la creme presented to the public in the recent fashion/graduation show by the Fashion Institute of the Philippines which is also celebrating its 10th year anniversary.
It was held in Glorietta activity center in Palm Drive, Makati where we had the chance to see the next generation of gurus of the Philippine Fashion Industry.
Among these 37 graduates only 10 were chosen as the top designers of that night which were again trimmed down to 3 and these were Kevin del Poso,Zendelle Lacao and Xioti Chiu. But the one whose star shone the brightest was Xioti Chiu who took home the prestigious Designer of the Year award and gets to tour Le Paris! He was also awarded with the best in garment construction.Other awards given are for Kevin del Poso(Fashion Designer Alliance Manila Noviciate award & Best in Technique),Enzo Habulan(Retailer of the Year),Gayle Peckley(YKK Awardee),and Kim Clark ( best in Fashion Illustration).
I must say though not all got those coveted glass trophies and fascinating awards, they all did a great job! Their individual creations are all masterpieces which are not to be taken for granted,that night is a culmination as well as a beginning of something new and big,for these are the future and the new creative forces of fashion.                                                    Congratulations to everyone and cheers to FIP for a fashionably strong decade and more!

Here are some photos from the fashion event( sorry guys its not super clear since I only used my iphone5 to take the pics hehe:) )


The show’s mood: Beauty from Chaos 


The young and talented FIP graduates

Photos from the runway featuring designs by FIP graduates:


* erratum: JEQ LIWANAG








Xioti Chiu bagged FIP’s Designer of the Year award


The venue’s setup where creations by FIP alumni are also displayed


Some of the Fashion Savvies who arrived in style: Top left:The Avant Gardien himself Andre Chang,right: stylist Prince de Castro; bottom left: Gelo Arucan, right: Stephana Eler.


Clockwise from top left: The graduates and their models;Siren Rachel Anne Go stunned the crowd in a sexy outfit belting Titanium; the night’s official caterer Cherry Cottage; Cherry Cottage’s beautiful trio 🙂
Cherry Cottage culinary services contact details:


After the show, it’s a chaotic backstage scene but who cares when we have to stood by the mood”beauty in chaos”. So gotta look good right?lols!  🙂
left photo: Me trying hard to be goth haha!; top right: My artistic friends MUA Maws Francisco-Diaz , FIP‘s newly graduated fashion designer Jane Econar, and her sister Shey F.; bottom: taking time to pose beside the FIP Alumni’s creations.

“I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it.”    — Alexander McQueen

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