Jane Econar: death of romance, life in fashion

This is the second part of my F I P post where I ‘m featuring my fashion stylist/designer friend Jane Econar‘s creation which she showcased at the recent Fashion Institute of the Philippines grad/fashion show last June 25 where she was among the 37 graduates.She was actually the main reason why I had to attend, to give her moral support and to be among the pack who cheered for her that night.
A few weeks before the event I had a chance to meet her and saw few pieces of her unfinished dresses. At first glance the silhouette of a dress seemed simple yet sexy in black,but after I saw how it was done, I could only gasp. One was made out of a thousand yard of suede strings put together to create a single dress, another one had shoe strings as its detail,talk about complicated work! I must say these are not just made by someone who simply designs clothes, she is definitely an artist who knows what she does and has an interesting imagination. She’s already a fashion stylist when she was introduced to me by my cousin, and after a few months she studied fashion design. Her personal style is actually more gothic, and she loves black which explained why she chose the mood which was called “Mort de Romance” or death of romance. Though the concept was dark and somber, the look was sexy and mysterious,and the details were painstaking. I believe that as time teaches her to improve and explore more techniques, her work would breathe new life into the fashion industry.


Mort de Romance: Jane Econar’s collection presented in the FIP Grad show 

photos from Jane Econar, photographed by: Stan dela Cruz


A photo shoot of her mystically sinister yet sexy collection & the mood board 

photos from Jane Econar, photographed by: Jaro Necessito


Left photos: top; detail of a dress made of a thousand yard ofsuede strings,center:me & jane,bottom;MUA Maws, Jane, & Shey, right photos: top: Maws doing Jane’s makeup before the show,center: fresh and ready,bottom: Jane & friends.


The show’s theme: Beauty in Chaos, and she definitely embodied it after that chaotic backstage scene.
Here are some of our random photos trying to look stress free(as if hehe) after the successful show 🙂

Cheers to you Jane! and will definitely be waiting for the next Econar collection! 🙂

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