Glammed up Goth

I must admit I’m not so much into Gothic fashion, but it never failed to fascinate me. I find its mysterious, dark, sinister, but seductive look appealing ever since I was in grade school. Can you believe that despite of my colorful wardrobe choices I was actually a fan of the styles of the Addams family and Beetle juice?haha! Anyway I thought I’d give this gothic but with a sorta glam rock look a try in support of my fashion stylist/designer friend Jane Econar who recently showcased her gothic inspired couture collection in the Fashion Institute of the Philippines Graduation/fashion event.

Check the photos 🙂


Stylefile: eyewear (Calvin Klein)slim tie (Folded and Hung)long sleeved floral ombre shirt (Korean brand), skinny slacks(tailored),shoes & bag(korean brand), watch (Esprit),red leather bracelet( Lissa Kahayon’s booth in BU5), crystal brooch (SM Accessories)finger armor(Laureen Uy’s booth  BU5), bracelet and rings (Wellmancom), serpent accent(Larry’s bead shop),long black vest (HK brand) 


The shades from Calvin Klein is just perfect even to be used indoors as an accent to my overall look since the tint ain’t so dark, and it prevents the glare from the lights. I also love this hip looking studded faux leather bag from a random shop selling Korean brands.


This purple Marin Lucent Speed watch from Esprit added a bit of cheer to my almost sombre look. I love wearing this often lately! The sleek black slim tie is from Folded and Hung which I accented with a gold serpent from Larry’s bead shop. I’m kinda amused with these serpent accents lately and had used this twice already. I thought its another unique way of styling neckties plus it gave a seductive and glamorized feel to my goth look!


“hush”…..My assorted rings and the so called finger armor( or whatever they’re called now) are inspired by those worn by Karl Lagerfeld and Daphne Guiness. And yes speaking of Karl, I somehow had my look pegged from him, you know shades,ties, and all that bling, but had a different twist haha!


Clockwise from top left: trying the look before the event, rings from Wellmancom, finger armor from Laureen Uy’s booth in Bloggers United 5, red arm band from (SM Accessories)red shoes (Korean brand).The long black vest (HK brand) made me felt like wearing a vampire’s cape,lols! Well if that isn’t sinister enough.



“You want war? I’ll give you my red oxfords!”. Feisty? Just trying to project that so called dress to kill image..not literally ok haha!


” Always dress like you’e going to see your worst enemy.” ~ Kimora Lee Simmons 

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19 thoughts on “Glammed up Goth

  1. Nice getup! I think you made everything go well together. I love what you did with the tie and the serpent, although I’m not a fan of snakes. Haha. I love the red accent, too!

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