37th Milo Marathon: a friendly run with lotsa fun!

As early as 4am the flow of traffic got really slow near the vast open grounds of of the SM Mall of Asia. Its not a surprise for me ’cause when I looked outside the car window there were throngs of participants flocking towards the venue of the 37th MILO Marathon I swear seeing them all in their green Milo running tees made me turn green..with envy that is wah! Oh i told myself I would have been wearing the same shirt if only I was able to register on time! Unfortunately I almost forgot about it due to my busy schedule. But fortunately still I had friends who participated in this year’s run, at least I’ve got a good excuse to go and join the fun and bond with them even if I don’t really get to run, besides I haven’t bought a suitable pair of running shoes. 🙂


Top left photo: Even my cute 4 year old godson was registered and got to wear the MILO shirt, oh if only it could fit me!The photo shows him drinking his energy booster before the race haha! top right: the starting line of the 3km marathoners, center left:  My friends dr. Marj Billones and Blanche, center right: Me, thumbs up at the starting line, bottom left: photo time with Basty’s nannies, bottom right: A cute doggie gets to join the race with his master 🙂 

The marathon isn’t only for marathon pros. There were schools, companies,and different organizations who joined, as well families and friends who made it their weekend bonding moment,.It was a nice physically healthy bonding activity don’t you think?


The race is on!: A few minutes before the race starts my godson Basty got up and warmed up using his stroller..he paused to check his racing opponents.. the host announced to get ready.. get set..and go! and the race begins! Guess who leads the pack? Basty woohoo!!!!!!!


Basty proudly showing off his 5km MILO Marathon certificate. He thought the distance and the obstacles were such a breeze! Okay so much for your new bed time story my boy,reality check now, give back your mom’s certificate hehe 🙂


Fun in the run: Top left: My longtime friend Dr. Marj Billones and her son Basty, top right: all smiles after the run, center left: Basty and me, center right: bumped into some of my work friends, bottom left:wackiness before breakfast, bottom right: ahem 🙂

I guess not being able to register isn’t that bad after all, I still had fun and enjoyed every moment taking photos of the MILO Marathon, bonding with friends and running after Basty with his nannies trailing behind us haha! That was quite a marathon huh? Anyway next time I would remind myself to register on time.


Photo shows the SM Mall of Asia grounds packed with marathon enthusiasts from celebrities, athletes, office workers, and even students.

In a serious note here is a trivia and bits of details from MILO Marathon

The MILO Marathon is the very first sports event set up by MILO® in the Philippines. It was launched in May 1974 at the height of the running boom in the 1970s. When the trend waned, the MILO® Marathon didn’t stop running. Instead, it got bigger and better through the years. Now, the MILO Marathon has grown to become the biggest and most prestigious running event and has tremendous impact on amateur sports in the country. More importantly, it has become more than a race event. With its “Help Give Shoes” advocacy, the MILO Marathon is now a channel for helping others.
Before the event more than 40,000 runners was expected to join, marking the largest number of registered participants in a single race in the history of the MILO Marathon. Local Celebrities Aubrey Miles, Troy Montero, Angelika Dela Cruz, LJ Reyes, Carl Guevarra, Arthur Solinap and Carlo Gonzales  graced the run

For its advocacy, since many underprivileged Filipino children run, play, and go to school with no shoes to cover their feet.The plight of the shoeless children was what moved the MILO® Marathon to spearhead “Help Give Shoes” in 2010.The country’s biggest race tapped its huge participant base to support the cause. For every runner that signed up, a portion of the registration fee went to a fund.

The 37th National MILO Marathon is made possible by Timex, Sennheiser, SMART, Reebok, Gatorade Bayview Park Hotel Manila, and SM Mall of Asia, Department of Education, Philippine Sports Commission and the Philippine Olympic Committee.

excerpts from MILO Marathon: http://ww1.nestle.com.ph/milo/marathon/
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8 thoughts on “37th Milo Marathon: a friendly run with lotsa fun!

  1. Impressed that he was able to finish of 5K. Most kids I know do 3K only and they end up among the first, because when kids run, it’s like they are sprinting with no care in the world.

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