Sporty Swag

Waking up early and in a hurry for the Milo Marathon/fun run 2013 without an outfit that I usually prepare a day or even weeks before any event ain’t easy.Much more when you haven’t thought of what to wear yet, shucks! Well that’s how it was when I got up in the wee hours of the morning, showered and rummaged my closet and took out whatever I could that would be comfy for the sporty occasion. Alas! The more I dig in my closet the more I find myself wearing more than just a shirt and shorts. In the end I still instantly managed to get an unexpectedly well coordinated look haha! Okay it was a fun run event but I was just there for the “fun” with some friends who joined the run, so I’m not really wearing a proper running outfit, but its sporty enough I guess. 🙂


shades from spyder, jacket from ego jeans,shorts from Markus, green tee from culture, sporty pouch from umbro, green hornet sneakers from Gola. socks from Puma, accessories from sm accessories.



I’m loving this Umbro pouch bag lately which is a smaller alternative from my usual carryalls. Hornet sneakers from Umbro is so comfy and is currently my second fave among my sneakers, got another one in red also.


Its the Milo Marathon, and Milo’s color is green, so my green shirt underneath the jacket and my shoes somehow adhered to their theme haha!


“Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.”   ~  Oscar dela Renta 

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