Color Splashed

I plead guilty to be a freak when it comes to color, and I’m not afraid to experiment mixing and matching different colors from bright and bold to pastel or muted tones. I’m just glad that it’s not hard for me to choose colors that would match my complexion since I have a light skin tone. I love color blocking or mixing bright ones with neutrals. I usually take an hour or more during weekends sorting through my wardrobe to get the right match for a party, simple get togethers or even late notice occasions. And when I’m already getting dizzy with it, then its time to consult the color wheel haha!

Here’s one of my colorful ensemble one afternoon for a friendly date wit  my college buddies which took its cue from this so called eggplant colored jeans. I’m actually trying a polished nerdy look without being boring, and the result I guess is attention grabbing haha!


Polo shirt (Folded and Hung), Argyle vest ( bazaar), yellow belt (SM Accessories), eggplant colored jeans (Ego Jeans), suede boat shoes (Bench), bag (Bench), Purple Marin Lucent watch (Esprit), bracelets(SM Accessories), eyewear ( Wellmancom). 



Suede boat shoes (Bench), bag (Bench),  bracelets(SM Accessories), eyewear ( Wellmancom). 



” Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions. ” ~ Coco Chanel

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3 thoughts on “Color Splashed

  1. I love your color combination. You wont believe it if I tell you that I blogged about something similar with a title “Clash of Colors” and almost have the same color palette as you! Apir! Yes, lets not be afraid. Lets experiment as we go along discovering what we are fashionably capable of 🙂

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