Professional Models Fashion Academy launch

We were just in time to be able to assist some of the young aspiring models before the show began in Teatro Marikina where we got invited for the launch of Professional Models Fashion Academy ( PMFA) headed by our good friend, the fab Dren Pacson. I was with my stylist/designer friend Jane Econar who was still able to attend and help despite her very hectic schedule that day. The dressing rooms backstage was in a state of what I would like to call a fashionable chaos hehe. The air is filled with excitement and nervousness while everyone is in a hurry running to and fro with clothes and accessories scattered almost everywhere. In the daze of the moment even the neckpiece that I’m wearing got its way to adorn one of the girls, talk about instantly being stripped of your personal fashion statement haha! Of course I permitted it, and is understandable, and I’m very glad to be of assistance to these young models, they wanted to look their best until the very last second when the emcee queued the start of the program. Before we know it, the lights turned on in a snap and the show began.

pmfa 001

pmfa 002

pmfa 003

The models were presented wearing earth colored ensembles, and on the second part or finale they reappeared all dressed up in black. As I watched them, I thought they are very promising, but among them, there are only a few who strikingly stood out. I even have my own favorites! But they are all still young, and could further develop their personality and presence on the ramp with the help of the dynamic PMFA mentors. And once they are armed with the right attitude, modelling skills, and charisma, these next gen fashion models definitely could someday conquer catwalks.

pmfa 004Dynamic people! Clockwise from top left: On my left is my friend Jane Econar, we’re flanked by PMFA mentors- model Eia Balaccua(left) ,and Lhee Murias(right)  / me, Lhee Murias, model Idelweiss Omelig, Eia Balaccua, and PMFA head manager Dren Pacson  / One Avenue artist manager Drake Devera, me, Lhee Murias, Idelweiss Omelig / me with Dren Pacson / Eia Balaccua and Idelweiss Omelig are both fierce and divine on stage. 

Behind the curtains, before hitting the stage, the anxious models got to take a deep breath and ease their tensions as they got entertained by the voices of the very talented all male singing group One Avenue. It was the very first time I heard these guys sing, and I was impressed by both their looks and performance. Definitely they provided that much needed party vibe and caught the audience’s attention.

pmfa 006Charming boys with voices: clockwise from top left to right: One Avenue’s  Lucas, Cian, Kristoff, Jerome, and Anton performs onstage / PMFA ‘s Eia, Dren and Lhee together with One Avenue’s managers Bobbie Sotejo(seated in blue scarf) and Drake Devera ( standing rightmost) and the One Avenue boys / me and Jane with One Avenue after the show.

pmfa 009Backstage pass and selfies: With Jane and Eia while we tensely watched the models strutt their stuff. 

After the show, I had the chance to meet the members and manager of One Avenue, as well as some of the young promising models of PMFA, and we had a never ending photo op I swear haha! After all the excitement, and while the night is still young, together with these vibrant group of talented individuals we went out to celebrate the show’s success, unwind, relax and party! Surely it was a night of 3F’s.. Fashion, Fun and Friendships!

pmfa 005

An after party chillin’ with some of the young male models of PMFA 

pmfa 007

These singing sensations do need a break sometimes, and we had a fun-filled evening of course!

pmfa 008At last after the show we had an opportunity to have an ootn (outfit of the night) photos haha!  

To PMFA congratulations and be fabulous! To One Avenue, more power and soar!  🙂

“The secret to modeling is not being perfect. What one needs is a face that people can identify in a second. You have to be given what’s needed by nature, and what’s needed is to bring something new.”      ― Karl Lagerfeld

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A FASHBOOK fun shoot in Goth style

A few weeks ago in time for Halloween, we dressed up as goths for a segment in Fashbook, a local TV Show hosted by the lovely IT girl/hyphenate Solenn Heusaff which aired in GMA News TV. My designer/stylist friend Jane Econar was interviewed for her fascination with Goth fashion, while we modeled. The girls wore couture dresses which included her creation featured on the ramp during the Fashion Institute of the Philippines Grad show this year, while us boys wore off the rack clothes which we mixed and matched to get the desired theme. Anyway even if our location was dark and eerie beneath the creepy looking Balete trees in UP Diliman Campus in Quezon City we still managed to deviate our thoughts, enjoy and have fun!. 🙂



The Fashbook shoot which featured Goth fashion in one of its segments.


Here are some still shots from Fashbook where we modelled Goth styles inspired by the dark mysterious characters of Morticia Addams, a Vampire, Bride of Frankenstein, and a Warlock 


Fashion designer/Stylist Jane Econar interviewed about her fascination, inspirations and some tips and trivias about Goth Fashion. 

I am fascinated with almost everything about fashion, and the dark, weird and mysterious Goth style is of no exception. I love to change my style every now and then, and trying to look my part as a goth this time for the cameras is definitely something that I enjoyed hehe. I didn’t mind looking roguishly bad with the dark eyeliners and black lipstick that I have to wear courtesy of hair and makeup artist Leynan Urca. I guess I’d try this look again occasionally.


Were all in character. Clockwise from top: “ME” (U-Ned) as the dark and mystical Warlock, Eia in a mysteriously fashionable Morticia Addams stance, Dren is as agile as a Vampire in a tree, and Chloe is elegantly macabre as the Bride of Frankenstein. 


With the Fashbook staff, we definitely had fun in this shoot. Thank you guys! 🙂 

Anyway here are more behind the scene photos:


Be sinisterly but stylishly Goth in these clothes and accessories which are predominantly black. Take a cue from Fashion designer/stylist Jane Econar’s interview: ” Its all about getting the inspiration, then mix and match the right elements to get the look.” 


Selfies are always a must for us haha!. 🙂


Having our own photo ops as we take turns during the shoot. Aliw aliwin ang sarili pag may time 🙂  


Hair and Make up Artist Leynan Urca weaves his magic using brushes and palettes to create bizzare Goth looks. Fab Job Leynan for our transformation!  


More BTS! 


1.Style Inspiration: Morticia Addams – Mischievously elegant and MysteriousIMG_7275


How to get the look:  Dark eye shadows, teased hair with a spiked arm bracelet used as ornament. sheer black top and skirt, a necklace with a heavy silver pendant exudes extravagance and elegance.

2.Style Inspiration: The Dark Warlock – Roguish, rebellious and mystical IMG_7273


How to get the look:  knitted v-neck hoodie top layered with black long sleeveless vest as a cape, matched with acid wash slashed denim pants,  and military inspired shoes to complete a rebellious goth look.

3.Style Inspiration: Bride of Frankenstein  Fiercely fashionable and romantically macabre. IMG_7276


How to get the look: Dark eye shadows, a deer antler headpiece in a piled up hair, Haute Couture designed corset with suede string details ,tulle skirt and leather spandex pants emphasizes sexyiness and dark seduction.

4. Style Inspiration: The Vampire Sophisticatedly cultured but fiendish.IMG_7274


How to get the look: black military inspired cotton coat, on top is black cardigan, faux leather pants, black leather boots, black gloves are gothically vampyric elements.

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