Bloggers United 6: style, shop and interact

Last saturday, me and my friends went to the 6th Bloggers United Bazaar in the World Trade Center, Pasay City. And as expected, there was already a long line of eager shoppers of mostly readers and fellow bloggers before 10am. We’re just soooo glad that we decided to be early birds that day or else we’ll end up in a dizzying frenzy of shopaholics who jam packed the place by noontime. Luckily for us we were still able to oogle and check a lot of really nice items before the place got uber crowded. The biannual Bloggers United Bazaar is definitely one of the most awaited since its a place where aside from getting great buys from participating boutiques or pre-loved items from today’s most admired style bloggers, everyone gets to interact with them as well. 🙂



Aside from splurging, style spotting is as exciting. As usual BU‘s bazaars become a place where we get to appreciate diverse fashion statements by those who are confident enough to express their unique personal styles. These are mostly empowered people who are inspired and are also positively influenced by the bloggers themselves. One of those well followed blogger is Bjorn Bedayo (Bjorn Manila) who spotted and took our photo for KALSADA.PH which will be launched as an interactive website as well as a book to be published by early 2014. Oh and in case you’d read this Bjorn, I swear I loooove your baroque looking blazer that day! How I silently wished it was on sale and I’d elbow fight to get it first haha!

Here are photos with some of the hottest Bloggers participating in BU6


Clockwise from top left: Gettin’ slightly wacky with Aivan Magno in a really cool ripped sweatshirt, Seph Cham‘s a magnet in prints, and sweet n’ pretty Trice Nagusara. 🙂 


Clockwise from top left: Bjorn Bedayo‘s sartorial style gets Baroque, gorgeous Lissa Kahayon is all smiles and glitter, Lissa with my friend A’e, Patricia Prieto‘s the loveliest feline with A’e, and Gelo Arucan is as usual Fabgelous!  🙂 


Clockwise from top left: Attractive Patricia Prieto‘s in a cat’s ears, Reese Lansangan definitely attracts attention( luv her hair!) , Reese with A’e, and the charming Kryz Uy with A.e and me 🙂  


Clockwise from top left: With stylistic Jefferson Yarra in his avant garde booth, doing hand signs with Karl(ooh I hope I got his name right, pls feel free to correct me huh?), me with pretty Dani Barretto, Bea Benedicto‘s got the 4S( sweetest smile, & stylish and stripes), and Mikyle Quizon‘s dapper in red and plaid. 🙂 


top left & right:Mikyle and Dani interviews some of the participants in BU6, David Guison’s booth’s a blast of color, bottom: Andi Eigenmann’s Candy Andi stall. IMG_8844

top: With my shopaholic friends A’e Grace and Athena,  bottom: me and A’e decided to get playful and quirky inspired by Shibuya’s street fashion.IMG_8836

It was quite a tiring but fun filled day of shopping, making new friends and of course an almost never ending photo sessions( what’s a photo addict diba?) haha! Well, it was the first time that my friend A’e experienced Bloggers United, and just right after we left the venue he immediately asked when the next BU event will be, wow looks like I had another recruit, I mean friend (haha!) hooked with BU‘s bazaar. Well just like the style shopaholics that we are, it’s not a surprise to be looking forward ( agad agad?!) to Bloggers United 7!. 🙂

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