Fashion Flashback: Channeling Chuck! (set 1)

I’m back! Yes after more than a few months hiatus due to so many things that got me preoccupied, I’m now gonna update my blog. It’s summertime and I’d like to share a lot of my summer escapades from past to present, which I haven’t written about here in my blog yet. But since I still have to organize a lot of my travel photos ( and I mean a lot!), I’ll just share for now some flashbacks of my fave fashion styles which I was hooked for quite sometime in the not so distant past.

For my first fashion flashback, I’d like to share this fashion craze from the phenomenal TV series Gossip Girl ( again its my flashback so expect that this style is soooo several seasons ago! lols ). When this show became sensational back in 2007, so did the fashionable styles of its characters . One of them is none other than the famous Chuck Bass who looked every inch the brooding, suave and dashing billionaire bad boy in his preppy outfits with bow ties, neckties, and blazers for daily wear. His wardrobe choices soon became one of the trendiest outfits a guy could have to emulate that “Bass” look. The bow tie which was used for evening wear and tuxedos became hot and sold like pancakes,and became a style statement even for street wear. Blazers appeared in different colors and fabrics, from plain pastels to prints, corduroys to denims, used for different occasions, even in a tropical country like the Philippines! And during the height of this trend, I also found myself liking it, and got caught in this GG fashion web. But even if I got inspired and tried to channel “Chuck” in my outfits, I still styled it the way I wanted it to be in accordance to my personality which means it will have a touch of whimsicality and quirkiness. And voila! Now here are the first set of photos of how I interpreted the look. . ๐Ÿ™‚


Spotted: “Neddy’s channeling the billion dollar bad boy Chuck in his own whimsy style from formal galas, masquerade balls, and birthdays” ๐Ÿ™‚


I guess bow ties in pastels and plaid can give an otherwise plain outfit amusingly preppy ๐Ÿ™‚ย 


17 thoughts on “Fashion Flashback: Channeling Chuck! (set 1)

  1. Fashionable people are so inspiring. It’s good that you see someone whom you can follow as an idol in dressing. ๐Ÿ™‚ In that way, you strive to look presentable every time.

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