Summer in Safari Style

I’ve always dreamed of exploring the Savannahs and the African wilderness wearing Safari fashion. Though I’m a pastel and flashy color lover, those earth toned outfits hold a certain attraction to me. Perhaps it is because that style is being associated with legendary stories of famous hunters, as well as affluent and intriguing western and oriental travellers who settled in Africa to go on hunting parties and look for tiger trails, exploring the vast grasslands driving in their jeeps side by side with gazelles, and bringing prized trophies of carcasses and ivories. Oh well, I’m far from experiencing such adventure ( maybe one day, but not to hunt ). For now it would be enough for me to wear outfits inspired by Safari adventurers to far flung provinces, safari parks,wildlife reserves, or simply for themed parties. I have interpreted that Safari style in many ways for different occasions, and here is the latest during our Zoobic Safari adventure for the summer of 2014.





fedora: M-sense SM Accessories
shaders: Police
scarf: bazaar
top: Human
bag: Reebok
shorts: bazaar
corduroy loafers: Advan
bracelets: SM Accessories
necklace: hand made from San Pablo Laguna

You can also check my post about our ZOOBIC SAFARI adventure:

INSTAGRAM: unedalgabre
contact me:




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