Sizzle in Summer Styles (part 1)

Summer, the perfect season for wanderlusts, travelers, explorers, mountaineers, beach bums, surfers and everybody else who would like to get away from the big city and into far flung provinces, exotic beaches, mountainous regions, or to another country. As for me aside from travelling, it is also the perfect time to get a conceptualized style suited for the climate and environment of my destination. In my own opinion, travelling in this hot and dry weather doesn’t give me an excuse to look drab nor too unkempt ( of course its still everyone’s matter of choice and comfort). But we could still definitely look fab and stylish wherever we go,  be it to the most exclusive and leisurely resorts of Aman Pulo to the French Riviera, the golden sand dunes of La Paz Ilocos Norte to Arabia, the surfing paradise of La Union to Malibu, the local savannahs of Palawan to the wilderness of Africa, the mystical beauty of the Nile in Egypt, the breathtaking views of Sagada, the ancient wonders of Peru, the exotic labyrinthian markets of Morocco, or the crystal clear lagoons of El Nido. Summer for me is another Season of Style!  

Now here’s the first set of photos of my favorite styles ( in my own whimsical,and sometimes theatrical, eccentric interpretations) during my local summer adventures.. 🙂

****     OASIS & DESERT WANDERER   **** 

~Soft and sheer fabrics that flows with the desert wind whether in whites and earth tones that blend with the golden sand dunes:



Straw Fedora hat ( Bench), summer scarf ( SM Accessories),White tunic top ( gift), khaki tokong shorts ( bazaar),yellow bag (bazaar), reflectorized shades ( SM Accessories)


~Jewel colors that echoes a thousand and one Arabian nights would be a delight from the plain landscapes:



Straw fedora hat ( Bench),Reflectorized shades(online),scarf ( Kultura), woven bag(from Mindanao), shorts (Culture),necklace(hand made from San Pablo Laguna)


~Striking hues that would stand out in a patch of green oasis and a rocky tableau:



Straw cap(SM Accessories), aviator shades (F&H),scarf(gift),tank top ( Culture), woven bag ( Mindanao), shorts( Culture), flip flops(Banana Peel)


~ predominantly florals and tropical prints of foliages and birds with Panama hats, or woven fedoras gives that unmistakably summer in the Islands of the Pacific feel.

~ Look like a leisurely dandy tourist who wanders in Tropical resorts in flashy aquatic prints:

Copy of 10153452_10203022897926662_2020753440_n


Copy of 10156802_10203022898006664_1307060765_n

Fedora (SM Accessories), reflectorized wayfarer shades ( Penshoppe), top (Torii),walking shorts(Markus),belt(Armani), bracelets( SM Accessories), loafer shoes ( Penshoppe)


~ Pastel florals and hues that echoes the beach is definitely a stylish must have for a beach luau: Copy of 10156947_10203022790523977_1441685332_n

Copy of 10248973_10203022790483976_192753324_n

Copy of 10153451_10203022790323972_477247893_n

cap ( Human), shades(Cyber), floral button down( Monakiki), tank top (F&H),shorts(Markus),shoes (advan), necklace(Batangas native finds) .


~ Be hip but laid back in fedoras, sunnies, board shorts and cool photographic prints of the tropics: 10153505_10203022914967088_1245296262_n


Fedora and bracelets ( SM Accessories), sunnies(SM Accessories), necklace(handmade from San Pablo Laguna), tee (Culture), board shorts ( Culture), slippers ( Planet sports)

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