Flores De Mayo 2014 Paid Tribute To Aurora

Due to work and so many scheduled activities last month, I was only able to post this now.
Perhaps the most prominent festivity across the Philippines every month of May is the Santa Cruzan or Flores de Mayo.
“Aurora” was the theme from last May 2014 grand Flores de Mayo parade and fashion event held in the Music Hall of SM Mall of Asia, which was chosen in homage to the late Aurora Quezon, the iconic wife of the late Philippine President Manuel Quezon. Aside from her being a devout mother, a religious woman, and a well loved first lady, she is also a woman of style during her time.


This famous and grand yearly tradition in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary every month of May is all made possible by the Congrecion del Santisimo del Niño Jesus which is now in its 35th year.This is founded by no less than the dean of Philippine fashion, Ben Feralles. This year’s Filipiniana couture collection worn during the procession and competition features the traditional terno worn by Mrs.Quezon. We got to see the terno of that grand era through magnifique stylized versions of the countries top 30 designers such as  Renee Salud, Edgar San Diego, Edwin Uy, Rafael Gonzalez, Gener Gozum, Roland Lirio, Dave Ocampo, Ole Morabe, Johnny Abad, Danilo Franco, Karen Castro, Piter Otordos, Edgar Allan, Nicky Martinez, Geoffrey Zordila, Paul Ranier Lim, Jontie Martinez, Pepe Quitco, Nardie Presa, Leslie Rivera, Sony Boy Mindo, Vince Sityar, Pencil Diestra, Rey Lazaro, Pepsi Herrera, Edwin Tan, Obet Orajay, Jon Fernando, Christopher, and Rholand Roxas.


After the parade of the Sagalas, and entertaining traditional Filipiniana dances, the top 5 Sagalas which stood out were chosen.


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