SM WOMAN Runway Revelation at the Philippine Fashion Week /Holiday 2014

Femininity and comfort are of course of utmost importance when ladies choose what to wear through racks of clothes in any boutique or store.No matter if they wander flitting from rack to rack, or from one dressing room to another  for hours as long as they find the right one that would make them also look ultra chic and up to date. And that same femininity and comfort is definitely exuded and felt in the collection of fashionable SM Store labels for women now together in one name:SM WOMAN which was launched at the recently concluded Philippine Fashion Week Holiday Collection 2014, last June 29 at the SMX Convention Center.



It was such an exciting grand launch attended by many well heeled, stylish and sophisticated ladies who witnessed SM WOMAN‘s fashionable collection, just like the beautiful Filipina Supermodel Teresa Herrera. The design of the sleek modern runway itself wowed the audience already. The two level stage with giant screens and backdrops flashing prints and patterns from the latest collection to the large SM WOMAN lighted logo ascending slowly from the stage gave an impact that THIS is definitely a showcase of a not to be missed collection.


To the oohs and ahhs of the excited audience, models sashayed down the runway in an assortment of fresh new styles and looks that could be mixed and matched for different occasions. There are chic tops, slacks, and dresses in florals or graphics for casual daily wear; impeccable cuts in plains or prints in muted or dramatic tones for the smart looking career-driven woman; sophisticated silhouettes in different lengths for cocktails or evening socials; as well as sexy and colorful resort wear with sheer and attractive swimsuit covers for leisure lovers. In close inspection, the clothes on mannequins in the display hall would show that the quality fabrics are expertly cut and curated in the trendiest styles that are very much wearable and available in a variety of sizes. With a wide range of designs, and variations of patterns, colors, and prints to choose from that suits the modern woman’s personality, preference and aesthetic, SM WOMAN definitely gave the ladies of today a new line of innovative and fashionable clothes that are reasonably priced, readily available and accessible in SM Stores.


The modern stage and runway at the SM WOMAN launch gave a wow factor!. 🙂


Florals, Digitals, Checks, Graphics, and Neoprene all exudes a modern woman’s empowered sense of style.


Fashion aficionados and enthusiasts like Supermodel TERESA HERRERA, and ANDRE CHANG all showed up for SM WOMAN.

Meanwhile to my amusement, the stylish ladies seated next to us had so much fun taking snapshots and mentally trying to record many of their favorite clothes worn by models on the runway while exclaiming ” I like that! love it!, or fabulous! ” And as expected, when the confetti popped at the end of the show, the audience loudly applauded with much approval to this runway revelation. The smiles, giddiness and excited looks on their faces only showed that they can’t wait to go to the nearest SM Store and SHOP! 



Witnessing the runway reveal of SM WOMAN with my friend A’e 🙂


Thank you SM WOMAN!. 🙂

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