A Taste of Luxury at The Fashion Week Opening Party by Emperador Deluxe!

Emperador Deluxe brought the taste of luxury to the Philippine Fashion Week / Holiday 2014 Opening Party recently held at the SMX Convention Center.  It is a fitting drink to match the tastes of Fashion Aficionados and enthusiasts who danced and frolicked that night in style, as drinks flowed and delightful hors d’oeuvres are continuously served. Emperador Deluxe, is a world-class spirit of exceptional quality. Aged and crafted in Bodega San Bruno by the makers of the best-selling brandy in the world. Its deliciously distinct notes of Palomino grapes, toffee, almonds and honey is a result of perfected and carefully guarded traditions handed down through generations. Truly its exquisite taste and quality is at par with the top fashion brands and fashion designers who were part of the exclusive Fashion Week festivities.



Emperador Deluxe definitely gave us a party night to remember ! Good music, luxurious drink .. Its all fun fun fun!


Top Fashion Designers JUN JUN CAMBE and VEEJAY FLORESCA together with models and all fashion enthusiasts partied in exceptional styles and enjoyed Emperador Deluxe’s exceptional quality spirit.

Cheers to a Taste of Perfection!



Emperador Deluxe Official Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/emperadordeluxe

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