THE STORY OF I DO: Love and Fashion in June

After being stuck in the archive for some months, I guess NOW is the right time to post this in time for the month of the June Bride 🙂 . This was when I had the opportunity to witness a collaboration shoot of highly creative, promising and talented individuals. They are photographer Ernest John Tamana, stylist Teddykins Aquino, makeup artist Maws Francisco-Diaz (Make-Up Forever), models Maverick Gomez and Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 runner up Katarina Rodriguez who wore bridal dresses by BJ Chavez. Seeing them as they do their tasks are evidence enough that these remarkable guys whose hard work, determination, and sheer artistry would stand out, make a name, and be catapulted to fame in a fast paced industry where change and competition is inevitable. But despite their professionalism there was never a dull moment not even an air of rigidity during that time, instead we actually had fun! Nevertheless amidst that lighthearted moment with a lot of chit chats, occasional singing and bursts of laughter when one cracks a joke, they still did an undeniably good job and the result is truly awesome!

10453299_10203521758397862_595205025_n More than the drizzle in the month of June, a shower of love filled their young hearts brimming with hope and happiness.. 

10335904_10203521758437863_1500090914_nThe June Bride in an ensemble of Ethereal White glides in beauty, captivating her man more than ever in that moment of moments..

10489203_10203521755397787_1579406571_nIn his impeccable suit, he never fails to exude a disalarmingly boyish charm that no bride could ever resist.. 

10461920_10203521755357786_537526867_nYouthful and delicate in Lacey Details with girlish giggles and dewy lips curving into a smile as she catch a glimpse of her one and only inspiration at the corner of her eyes..

10485165_10203521755437788_1364246023_n And in his almond eyes a longing, like that first time, when in an instant he knew he wanted her all along in his life..

10447230_10203521758317860_1301728486_n And like a sudden gust of wind, she in a Vision of Ecru was swept off her feet and onto his heart ..

10461763_10203521755277784_1674288373_n Young and restless they may be, but when two hearts beat as one, who can deny them of their love?

10455466_10203521755317785_838726621_n This is their moment, this is their joy.. 

10478256_10203521758357861_1676536873_n This is their story as they utter their vows of forever to one another..

10484354_10203521755477789_551593568_n A story of…. “I do”   


Bridal Gown Designer: Bj Chavez
Photography: Ernest John Tamana
Styling: TeddykinStylist Aquino
HMUA and Grooming: Maws Francisco-Diaz (Make-up Forever)
Katarina Rodriguez (Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 runner up)
and Maverick Gomez 
Websites/ Facebook Pages: 
Ernest John Tamana Photography:
Maws Francisco-Diaz Make Up Artist:
Style Monster by Teddykinstylist Aquino:
BJ Chavez Accessories Designer:

The serious part..make up sessions  🙂


click! roll on the! perfectionist (and singer) at work, while we do our selfies 🙂


The price of glamour?…retouching on pipes, wrapped in layers of tulle, staying on the sun too long..haha!  🙂


The best part is we still had a lot of fun and got “WOW” results! 🙂

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