TOYCON 2014: 13 Years of Pop Culture Fun!

My curiosity with cosplaying and cosplayers started years ago when I got hooked with some anime shows during my college years. I may be fascinated with it, but I’ve never been to any cosplay event since I don’t have friends before who are really into it ( Hello.. I only know people in the Dental and Medical field before haha! 🙂 ). Well not until a friend of mine who was a cosplayer recently asked me to accompany him to the 13th TOYCON and Cosplay Event which was held at the Megatrade Halls 1,2,3 of SM Megamall. This is perhaps the biggest pop culture event in the country to date with huge doses of fun and thrills!  The Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention, or TOYCON as it’s more popularly known is in its 13th year already which started from 2002. It is Asia’s biggest and longest running convention for collectibles, toys, anime, comics, cosplay, gaming and anything and everything related to hobbies and collections. The 13th TOYCON features the biggest and coolest exhibits and merchandise from apparel, life size and small collectibles, memorabilias, graphic novels,comics, cosplay paraphernalia, the latest gaming versions of the top gaming companies and of course a multitude assortment of TOYS!




Other highlights in this year’s TOYCON are: the 75th Anniversary of DC Comics’ caped Crusader BATMAN;  RUROUNI KENSHIN: KYOTO INFERNO with costume displays and previews of the live-action film trilogy; GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY sneak peeks at the movie’s trailers,behind-the-scenes, and special fan activities; 10th Anniversary of the Star Wars 501st Philippine Outpost.



The TOYCON also featured the biggest in Cosplay with the Philippine Finals of the World Cosplay Summit and TOYCON’s own Cosplay Universe.The cosplayers who joined the competition was led by Asia’s Cosplay queen, Alodia Gosiengfiao.

Here are some of those who gamely posed for the camera in their craziest and coolest costmes! 🙂    ( My apologies to some of the unnamed guys and gals here if I can’t seem to find you in Facebook, but feel free to message me and I’ll update this!)


Kevin Gecobe, Kim Torralba, Hosyu Akihiko, Gerard Sison


Razzy, Xidge evangelista, Shinichi Kudo, Nickhers Concepcion.


Yuri Nanami, Airi Carla Maurice, Reshell Ann Guevarra, Lyn Genevie Dela Pena, Alisa Castillo


Aiiyunah Chan, Elmar Daybelos, Chard Ligsay, Lester Lester, Gery Sampiano


Alyssa Austria, Trippy Mcfisk, Allysa Dingal, Angel M. Montecarlo


Dennis Martinez, Isha Esmenda, rejav29@ydc, Son del Rosario ( Apologies to those in the unnamed photos, pls feel free to message me for your name at


Ikuy/Wilver,, Joco Guiang(Jocomitsu), Eunice Enrera( Apologies to those in the unnamed photos, pls feel free to message me for your name at


Rox Garbin, Ynna Osorio, Lyka Osorio


Giu Giu Arjona, Ian Quinto, Nida Linn ( Apologies to those in the unnamed photos, pls feel free to message me for your name at


Keilee Twopointzero, Kevin Montemayor ( Apologies to those in the unnamed photos, pls feel free to message me for your name at


Yui Aranilla, Tantin Meneses ( Apologies to those in the unnamed photos, pls feel free to message me for your name at

This is co-presented by Collectibles Unlimited and the SM Megatrade Halls, and sponsored by Maxi Collector, Toy Kingdom, Toy Empire, Warner Brothers Pictures and Pacific Licensing. With special thanks to Big Boys Toy Store, Great Toys, Arigatoys, Authority Hoodie, Transfer It, Otaku Asia, War Gaming, Uplink, Level-Up, Cubizone, Canon, Level-Up, Cherry Credits, CIIT, Loctite, Walt Disney Studios, gaming Library and Resorts World Manila. With media partners, ABS-CBN, Flip Geeks, Reimaru Files,, Chalk Magazine, UNO Magazine, Manila Bulletin, and 99.5 PLAY FM. Also supported by Anime Alliance and World Cosplay Summit.

More photos! 




Till the next 14TH TOYCON ! 

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