Camp Netanya: A Slice of Santorini in the South

11925618_10206620878873937_1823057279_nWho would have thought that in only about two to three hours travel from Manila, you’d be transported immediately to that sunny Mediterranean isle of Santorini in Greece!


That cinematic moment..the feels!. 🙂 🙂

But yes, a white jewel glistening under a tropical sun exists just south of Manila in the popular diving site of Anilao. The whitewashed walls and cobalt blue domes of Camp Netanya resort echoes that of a Greek island resort simplicity, that would make one feel like singin’ Mamma Mia!… if ever you knew that movie of course hehe.


That sweeping pristine view of the sapphire sea and the white jewel of the South.

Situated on a sloping hill facing a sapphire blue sea, this architectural beauty ( by the renowned architect Palafox) is undoubtedly perhaps the most picturesque resort I’ve ever been to date in Luzon. No wonder we spent a lot of our time taking pictures from morning till sunset.


An escape to tranquility 🙂


Moment ko to ok haha! Ahh the scorching sun and the breeze ( thank you sunblock) 🙂

I only learned of Camp Netanya through a friend who went there after gushing through his awesome photos. They currently don’t have a website, but they can be contacted through their Facebook page, or the resort manager. We were informed that this was actually a private resort which discreetly opened to the public. But due to only a number of accommodations, the place isn’t as crowded as most resorts in the area, which is suitable for those looking for a truly comfortable and relaxing getaway.


To infinity and beyond 🙂


The lakwatsera doctoras! My wonderful in white friends during our vacation trip galore 🙂 Just perfect for our Mamma Mia moment wow!. 🙂


Picturesque! The setting sun and the foamy waves at the beach area. Lots of rocks though, since Anilao is actually famous as a snorkelling and scuba diving site 🙂


Gopro cam is just loooove! Underwater fun and “pose pa more” moments at the pool and the sea.. 🙂


The Blue lagoon..actually the Infinity pool haha! Just be careful ’cause after the floaters that separate the 5 feet area it immediately drops to 12 (or 10?) feet!


The highlight of the infinity pool is an unobstructed view of the beautiful sunset right smack in the middle of the ocean! So perfect for relaxation and smoothies at the pool while watching the vermilion skies give way to gazillions of sparkling stars.


Early morning madness! Braving the rooftop not minding my fear of heights just to get that scene from a movie that I can’t even remember the title haha!


Breakfast 🙂


Lunch 🙂


Dinner 🙂


pastels and whites, feeling Mediterranean under the Grecian Sun!




γεια Νετάνια!

Camp Netanya:  Brgy. Ligaya, Anilao, Batangas, Philippines
Camp Netanya Facebook page:
Contact details may change since they still don’t have an official website yet, so I suggest to send them a message through their Facebook page. They are almost always fully booked since their accommodations currently are not as many as the other resorts so book in advance. You can also send me a personal message through Facebook and I’ll try to provide their contact details, but again I can’t guarantee if it’s still the updated number/s.

Try also to book in AGODA.COM :


INSTAGRAM: unedalgabre
contact me: 

🙂 🙂


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