My Style File Flashback

I’m back with my style posts!  Again here are some of my sometimes crazy self in my crazy, kitschy, over the top but still within this world but weird sense of fashion from previous events.

When I indulge myself in my own style here’s what happens.. a costume that’s something straight out of my imagination that is just not street friendly hehe. But hey! We all wanna express ourselves right? And this is how I express myself, by turning ideas into reality, and how I style myself actually starts with an inspiration and a story about what it is which others may find hard to grasp. I’ve seen far more flamboyant, imaginative, creative, and theatrical people ( that I adore ), and I guess mine is somewhat simple in comparison to them I guess.. 🙂

Love it , or hate it, what matters is I did what I had in mind and am loving it!. 🙂


Imperial Peacock Fantasy  ( My Birthday 2015, Century Park Sheraton )11911345_954943007902063_1615585333_n

Princely Pea-Fowl ( My Birthday 2015, Century Park Sheraton ) 11917312_954943004568730_71352334_n

Raven Ruler ( J. Ablaza’s Dining with the Gods event @ Forbes Park )11880063_954942994568731_1483134628_n

The Flightless Black Bird ( Philippine Fashion Week, Holdiay 2014 ) 10715672_10204395511841152_1527569706_n

Wild Fab Things ( Manila Fashion Festival 1 @ The Eye , Green Sun ) 10550842_10204990588917707_7029078513621995116_n

Shimmering Shades of Grey ( Manila Fashion Festival 1 @ The Eye, Green Sun ) 10409106_10204990592037785_7660670064586765163_n


Black and bejewelled ( New Year Kick Off 2015 @ SMX )


The Snow Leopard’s Tutti Frutti Candies ( Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2014)11911822_10206621695134343_762905238_n

Sparkling Sorcery ( Manila Fashion Festival 1 @ The Eye, Green Sun ) 11780642_954943001235397_547282545_n

Bad Baron Of Blings ( Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2014 )  10729016_10204395511321139_1644460516_n

 Flamboyance Royalty, and Regalia ( My Birthday 2013 , Pink Pageant theme)  10717734_10204395515961255_396021528_n

The Geeky Flashy Prince ( My Birthday 2013, Little Pink Party theme)11872748_10206621689934213_1904991196_n

Rock Loud and Proud ( MTV theme party in support of Nirvana cover Music video, SMX )10719426_10204395513641197_946145515_n

Ruler of The Night ( Costume parties at The Fort clubs ) 11912960_954942997902064_2134184974_n


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