This summer the highly artistic and undisputedly multi-talented fashion designer Don Cristobal takes pride in collaborating and joining forces with some of the finest visionaries, movers and shakers of the local fashion scene. Together as one, they’ll bring you world class talents in an unforgettable evening that harmoniously celebrates Fashion, Artistry, Creativity, and Allegiance to our Passion- the progression of the Philippine Fashion Industry. Together with the DC MODELOS in participation with the EAC MEDIA MODELOS and the MTP PRODUCTION MODELS wearing the creations of highly esteemed Fashion Designers MIKEE ANDREI and MAESTRO JOHN, and the proudly Pinoy brand T-SHIRT NI JUAN in cooperation with the dynamic Team DC and all the amazing stylists, makeup artists and photographers converge as one under the brilliant concept of Don Cristobal himself. On April 23, 2016 witness the spectacle of the DC SUMMER RUNWAY 2016!

So get ready, be in style and see you at the runway! 

April 23, 2016, Saturday , 7pm, Events Pavillion, 500 Shaw Zentrum, Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City.  



Fashion Designer DON CRISTOBAL’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/dondoncristobal

The Don Cristobal Summer Runway Show Season 2
Would like to thank the following Sponsors: 
The Events Pavilion , 500 Shaw Zentrum
Mentorque Productions ( Bryan Dy )
Manila Bulletin’s Picture Perfect –
Capturing Life through the Lens Ronald Jayme
The Mari Scents & Style ( Marie Lean Cruz )
Prime ( Upscale Clubbing ) ( Amorè Amparo )
Scene Zone – Fashion Lifestyle and Art ( U-Ned Belleza Algabre )
EAC Media Modelos – Home of the Best ( Emmanuel Caparroso )
Make-Up Madness Philippines ( Janet Wen )
Morpheus Hub –Singapore ,
Star builder Events Provider ( Maria Antonethe Fadallan )
T-Shirt ni Juan -5 years of Modern Pinoy Statement ( Ronald Eslabon )
Manila Productions Singapore ( Carmina Veluz , Missy Rosales Villanueva )
FPPF – Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation ( Pablo N. Beltran )
Casa De Dios Resort –
Experience Modern Mediterranean refined by Nature ( Niko De Dios )
Meridhette Beauty Expert –
Your Next Level in Skin Care ( Ladz Sabado )
Eyelash Diva ( Jenny Lin Ngai )
Tux for Her by Aleqx Lane (Aleqx Aleqx Lane )
EP Farm – a Touch of Thailand in Tagaytay
( Rachel Lobangco Elvie Gamboa Pineda )
Pikture Art by Joey Robles Photography ( Joey Manalaysay Robles )
Dunkin Donuts –
Charlotte Tubig ( Charlotte Dedoyco Tubig )
MTP Productions – Dare to Learn ( Mike Tagle )
DC Weddings – Celebrating in Style
Maikee Andrei Atelier ( Mikee Andrei )
Maestro John ( Maestro John )
Audio Enhance – Performance at its best (Wendelyn Wendylin P. Lee-Quirinol Michael Laurence Quirino )

special thank you to Charvin Valdez Torne Torne and Dodong Kirt for the video and voice over.




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