Hi! I’m U-Ned, many would say it’s a very unique name, and I guess it is! The “U” derived from UNICEF when it marked the beginning of the “International Year of the Child” when I was born, and “NED” as a short form of Edward which means prosperous guardian.

I’m a late bloomer in blogging. A lover of fashion, food, travel, and different social events.I only got inspired to create this blog since I love sharing a lot of things,I have a collection of photos from parties, travels, food explorations, and my outfits(hehe) that could tell a thousand stories(exaggerating πŸ™‚ ). So I wondered why not write about those things then?
I don’t write professionally, How I created my blog is only based on how I imagined it to be,by simply creating a topic that I like, post some photos, and simply tell something about it πŸ™‚

LOOKBOOK: http://lookbook.nu/unedalgabre
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/uned.algabre
INSTAGRAM: unedalgabre
contact me: u.algabre@yahoo.com


Fashion: I continuously develop my own style, since I easily get bored with just one look. Frequent experimentation and reinvention perks me up, fashion hits and misses doesn’t bother me since I’m a believer of self expression, and learning is a process. On most occasions I tend to be theatrical and over the top except for my daily work wardrobe,I’m so guilty of piling up a lot of accessories!I am a plan it all type of guy even for my wardrobe.Conceptualizing and researching what to wear for a certain season, party or a travel escapade is a habit. I almost always already know what to wear ahead of time for different occasions except for some minor changes when I incorporate new ideas or trends that appeal to me. Believe it or not though it may seem like I have a bit of outlandish or eccentric tastes,about 90% of my closet consists of nice fitting simple basic pieces in different colors,prints and patterns. I only mix and match and incorporate old and new accessories to get my desired look.Trends come and go, so basic pieces when styled could look up to date too! My fashion inspiration comes from so many different sources including random people or fictional characters from the internet, magazines,movies and television. My shopping haunts could go all the way from flea markets, online stores to smart boutiques.

Food: I’m a self-confessed foodie though it may not show in my body haha! I love looking for different places to eat( as long as my taste buds & curiosity is satisfied), no matter if its a food stall or a chic resto.I’m not a food critic, I don’t have guidelines about food, I don’t even know much about cooking or how a particular cuisine should taste, I simply love to eat whatever pleases me. A day for me wouldn’t be complete without a sandwich or sweets ’cause I’m a burger lover and is addicted to desserts like chocolates, cakes and ice cream! Oh well, simply put,I’m not hard to please when it comes to food, even eating in a quaint unheard of resto with a tasty menu is already an adventure for me.

Travel: My feet are always itching to hop these wonderful islands of the Philippines as well as discover places far and wide. Sounded much like an explorer and a total adventure seeker huh? No, I just love the feeling of being in a new surrounding with different sights and sounds. I’m afraid of heights and wouldn’t really dare to go mountain rappelling, but trekking in the picturesque Sagada would do. I can’t swim in a 5 feet deep and above water, but running from a safe surfing wave by the beach would already be fun. It’s not really about experiencing the most, but its more of visual stimulation that makes me happy when visiting new places. And not to mention taking a lot of pictures!

Events/ Parties: Some would call me a partyphile,or an eventologist. I think I would prefer the latter since I personally don’t consider myself a party animal.I like parties not just for the sake of the booze, the loud music and getting to go home in the wee hours of the morning.I usually choose when and where to go, it’s about the importance and significance of the event or for the fun of dressing up most especially during themed events!Parties like masquerades are the best ones for me since I could apply my creativity in making my fantasy costumes real. Aside from playing dress up,another one good reason for being present in a party is when I styled and/or organized it for someone. Β πŸ™‚




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